Friday, November 2, 2018

Why Voting Matters

Tucson Jo is a book written for this very moment. I encourage parents and teachers to introduce it to the young people around them. This middle grades novel is about an election. In this election a populist runs for mayor of Tucson, Arizona, in 1882. His opponent is a Jewish man who believes in the rule of law. Guns are used to intimidate. So is Antisemitism. Jo is the eldest daughter of the Jewish familyand all she wants is freedom, freedom to wear pants, for instance! But even Jo is fooled by her father's populist opponent, believing anarchy will mean freedom. But anarchy is not freedom and she soon discovers that. What is true freedom? An important question to ask, fundamental to our democracy.

With elections coming up in both Canada, in 2019, and the United States, in 2020, I will be available for school visits  to discuss civics, gun violence, feminism, and the importance of politics and voting in our lives. I will also be offering free short virtual visits.

Tucson Jo: A National Jewish Book Award Finalist.

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