Friday, December 20, 2013


I've been very remiss about keeping up with my blog posts. Where to start?

Spring and summer were spent working on my new book, just published this fall, When I Die, my first non fiction book, my first picture book, and my first book with my daughter-in-law, Bonnie Brask, who did all the photographs.

And that wasn't the only collaboration I worked on over the summer. My writing partner, Perry Nodelman, and I worked together to reissue Of Two Minds, the first book in our four-book fantasy series, with Starburst Publications. Perry's son Asa did the cover and I really love it. For anyone out there who likes fantasy check it out.

Speaking of reissues, Scholastic Canada reissued two books very near and dear to me: Greater Than Angels, a Holocaust book set in France, and In My Enemy's House, another Holocaust book, this one set in Germany.

And just a few days ago,Scholastic reissued The Lost Locket, a novel for grades 2-4.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a historical novel set in Arizona in 1882.
And, Fictive Press is reissuing my New Adult novel, Past Crimes- as the first of a new and hopefully very exciting series called Palm Springs Supernatural

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