Monday, July 8, 2013

When I Die, paperback version

The paperback version of  "When I Die"  is available from and from  Follow  the link below for Createspace where the shipping is cheaper! Unfortunately it is not available for sale on so you will have to ship from the U.S.

Friday, July 5, 2013


When I Die by Carol Matas. Available in print and Kindle ebook on Amazon
 When I Die is something completely different for me - a spiritual meditation that came to me one day when I was meditating. I "heard" the entire text and only modified it slightly for publication.
This book is also a family collaboration. My talented daughter-in-law Bonnie Brask took all the photographs to illustrate the text.

Also - I've gone digital! When I Die is published by a new e-publisher, Fictive Press. Consequently, the book is only available for order online. It works best in the print edition ($9.99 USD), where the color photos are so evocative, and you can have an actual book in your hands to share with your children or your grandchildren as needed. It is also available in Kindle eBook ($0.99 USD). (But if you view that edition remember you are not seeing the vivid colors and the "real" pictures you see in the print edition.)

I'd love to hear how you and your children react to When I Die. Feel free to send me a comment or, better yet, review it online when you order.