Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Big Honour for Zevi Takes the Spotlight

Zevi Takes the Spotlight has been chosen by the Children's Book Council for their BUILDING A HOME LIBRARY list of books for ages 12-14.

"A brand-new 2024 Building a Home Library book list –organized by age groups from 0 to 14– is now available.

Experts in children’s literature at the Ingram Content Group have compiled a vibrant range of genres, formats, and subject matter, with a focus on diversity of voices and from a wide range of publishers large and small.

From board books to graphic novels, picture books to middle-grade fiction, the new Building a Home Library list is a fantastic resource for all parents, caregivers, librarians, teachers, and booksellers."


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Zevi Takes the Spotlight Book Birthday!

 Zevi Takes the Spotlight is out! Here it is on the shelf at my very favourite bookstore, McNally Robinson, in Winnipeg!

Zevi Takes the Spotlight is my first HI/LO novel, for readers with high  interest but low vocabulary—so it's accessible for older readers who might need a quick and easy read, great readers who also like books that are fast paced and short, or even younger readers. Aimed at grades 4-6. Personally, I love short books that are also fast paced and exciting so in this case I was writing what I love to read. 

I came to love Zevi who has been saddled with the "gift" of psychic abilities, which he doesn't want at all. He wants a simple life. Don't we all? And yet Zevi manages to always at least try to do the right thing and to help. But what to do when people don't want your help and won't listen to you? That's happened to us all at some point. Well, Zevi refuses to give up. And he has a best friend, and his family, who stick by him and help him through. 

I  decided to make all the main characters Jewish in this book so that the Judaism is just there, naturally, as part of their lives, but not the topic of the book. I liked that choice as well. 

It  was also the fun writing about acting and the world of film. I was an actor before I became a writer and it was great to dive back into this world that I love and respect so much. 

And finally, what's the whole psychic thing about? Well, I've had some pretty startling experiences with psychic predications so I know there is something to it even if I can't explain how it works. Check out this post where I explore this topic further.

Hope you like the book! 

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Zevi Takes the Spotlight "Highly Recommended" by CM

Zevi Takes the Spotlight just got the most amazing review from CM: Canadian Review of Materials. I'm not just thrilled, I'm touched. I can only put a few lines here but read the whole review and you will see what I mean. 

“Action-packed, with danger and adventure in every chapter…the story delves into Zevi’s Jewish heritage and culture in a natural way that is enlightening and interesting for readers. Highly Recommended.”

Friday, April 5, 2024

Psychics and Murders - Oh My: Zevi Takes the Spotlight

Take a look at my post "Carol Matas: Psychics and Murders, Oh My!" on the blog of scientist and author L. E. Carmichael where I talk about things that don't quite fit with scientific theory. Or do they? Psychic powers.  Synchronicity.  Messages from beyond? Prophetic dreams? Dowsing? Far-seeing?

Is any of it real? But then what is reality anyway?

I tell a true story of my first mind boggling encounter with a psychic who made a prediction that must have been impossible to predict - but wasn't!

Meanwhile Zevi, who's psychic, has to deal with his abilities everyday - like it or not. Oh, and catch a would be killer as well. 

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Zevi Takes the Spotlight gets a Star!

Zevi wants to be a star so it's wonderful that he has received his first review and it comes with a star from School Library Journal!  The book will be published in early April 2004 by Orca Book Publishers and I can't wait!

⭐️ Zevi Takes the Spotlight:

“Zevi is Jewish, and this important part of his identity is skillfully woven throughout the narrative. This hi-lo title excels in the genre, packaging an accessible, dyslexia-friendly text with a compelling plot and likeable protagonist whose journey readers will happily follow." 
Highly recommended

Ready for preorder now:

 McNally Robinson Booksellers in Winnpeg, Manitoba

 Barnes and Nobles 


Sunday, January 7, 2024

Cloning Miranda! Two new covers! Two new editions!

Cloning Miranda will be out in Korean in early January. I love, love, love the cover! It's wild. 

And for those of you who want to read it in English it is also out in a brand new edition in English. With a new cover! Which I also love!

Miranda, a 14 - year - old who lives in California, discovers that she is the first human clone.