Friday, April 12, 2013

Pieces Of The Past Book Launch!

Pieces of the Past, The Holocaust Diary Of Rose Rabinowitz launched on April 9th at the Berney Theatre at the Winnipeg JCC. It so happens that that was the date in  1940 Germany invaded Denmark - I wrote about that in my books, Lisa and Jesper. The Jewish Federation organized a wonderful program with a choir and beautiful singers, a collage of pictures from my book and then my presentation. I talked about how I came to tell the story of the Jewish war orphans who came to Canada after the war, and also why I chose to write about the Warsaw Ghetto and the hidden children of the Holocaust. My daughter Rebecca organized the whole thing and made it all possible as part of her job at the Rady. The turn out was fantastic. Afterwards

i talked to lots of people who all seemed to have loved the event and I signed lots of books. I also spoke to 2 sold out events for students at the theatre and they were also fantastic- the kids were great listeners and asked great questions.


  1. A few years ago, a friend recommended In My Enemy's House to me. Although I haven't read it yet, I have read Daniel's Story and Sworn Enemies - I loved them both. I enjoyed the uniqueness of Sworn Enemies, and it explored an aspect I knew nothing about. I like how it had two views to it, and each person thought they were doing the right thing "for God".
    I really want to read your other books, especially Behind Enemy Lines (I have a massive book list - will someday soon!!) I watched the documentary The Lost Airmen of Buchenwald and was amazed at the story...
    Anyways, thanks for writing amazing books, especially about the little-known!!

    PS Do you know any other fictional books with a time period the same as Sworn Enemies? I've searched and had little luck.

  2. So sorry I somehow missed this post Samantha. Funny you mention The Lost airmen of Buchenwald because that is what my new book Behind Enemy Lines is about. so please read that one and then go on my website and look at all the historical titles and choose the ones that look most interesting to you. Sworn Enemies is about to be reissued, by the way, in 1014!


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