Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tucson Jo Book Launch!

What an evening! The really spectacular thing, outside of a fabulous turnout at McNally Robinson's Bookstore, was to have two very special guests, my best friend and my publisher, Morri Mostow, and the head of the Simonsen Foundation in Denmark Marianne Olsen.
We weren't sure how a dual launch would go - me talking about a children's book and my husband Per talking about a book he had translated of a Danish Jewish philosopher, Andreas Simonsen. But funnily enough it seemed to all fit together. I spoke first and talked about the writing of Tucson Jo, then read a chapter. Per talked next and read the forword from the book and then described each chapter. We took questions and the questions overlapped in interesting ways. Tucson Jo is about a Jewish family, so there were a lot of Jewish themes in the evening, and Tucson Jo also asks some big questions so it all seemed to fit together. In this picture Marianne is beside Per and that is Morri beside me.

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